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Clue Scavenger Hunt

Clue Live Scavenger Hunt

Based on Clue the Musical

This live action murder mystery scavenger hunt sends teams around town searching for colorful suspects and gathering information about the crime so they can solve the mystery and win the game!

Detective Wadsworth is working to solve the murder that took place in Clue Manor last night. He needs your help finding the suspects and collecting information in order to determine who the killer was, which weapon they used and what room the crime took place in.

Each of the suspects – Col. Mustard, Miss Scarlet, Mr. Green, Mrs. Peacock, Prof. Plum and Mrs. White – are played by actors dressed up in costume who are located at various locations around town, usually withing a few city blocks of each other. Teams will be given cryptic clues about where to find the characters and they will have to complete a different trivia challenge for each one. Along the way, they will interrogate the suspects, collect Clue Cards, and even bribe other teams (with play money we provide) to give them information.

Once the teams have determined the who, what and where they must return to the starting location to meet back up with Detective Wadsworth and present their evidence. Each team will have a chance to do a short skit recreating the crime as they believe it happened and will be awarded prize money based on their performance. The team who correctly solves the mystery is the winner, and if more than one team gets the right answer then the winning team will be decided by which one has the most bribe money left over.

Is this an indoor or outdoor event?

This program works best outdoors, within an urban area.


• Team building and fun

• Team awareness

• Cooperation

• Critical thinking

• Morale boost

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