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Where in the World

The world and its people have so many marvels to share with the rest of us. See beautiful pictures from around the world and answer questions about the images shown. These pictures could be about nature, monuments, food, people, and more! Play as a team or play individually.

Scavenger Hunt

Work collaboratively with your team to divvy up the tasks and score points for the win. As you try to creatively solve the hunt, remember you have limited time! Keep an eye on your competition to see who’s ahead of you. Work with your team to make sure that no information is lost. You’ll get an adrenaline rush solving the missions together in this exciting team activity!

You are Smarter Than You Think

It may appear that the kids in elementary school may know more than us! What better way to know for sure than taking a quiz and finding out? Dig deep into your memory to find answers to these questions, or maybe you can be smarter and get ahead by using logic to find the right answer.

The Escape Room

In this escape room, play in an immersed setting on a runaway train. Solve the puzzles and unlock the mysteries to help you get from where you are to the engine. Make sure you use all your deciphering and deductive skills to unlock the puzzles. If you’re stuck, you can and your team can always rely on the hints to solve the problems, and reach the end of the line!

Forbidden Words

This competitive game, just like the traditional game of Taboo –is played in turns and everyone gets a chance to play. When it’s your turn, your teammates don’t see the words but your opponents can and will buzz if you if use a banned word. After each turn, review the cards – and correct them if there is an error. And once everyone has had their turn, review the final scores – and decide if you want to go for another round!

Speed Mingle

Speed Networking on TeamPlayground gives an opportunity for people to quickly meet a large number of people and get to know them. Attendees are grouped together in groups of three for 3 minutes – these numbers can be configured by the host. At the end of the duration, the attendees are automatically reshuffled and paired with others. So in a 15 minute session, a group of 20 people will get a chance to meet with most of them. It’s a great way to break the ice and allow people to network with each other.

One Minute Story

Use the scenario and the three terms to create a one-minute story using all of the terms. Player with the most applause wins.


A popular pastime from ages that can be played in any setting. Choose from an existing question pack, or create your own! And play as individuals or as part of a team. As a team, you go into a “huddle”, where you can freely discuss without worrying about anyone overhearing your answers. Answer either by typing out the answer for text questions or by clicking on a button for multiple-choice questions. Check the answers after the timer expires and witness the performance of everyone. For the competitive spirit in you, keep track of your position on the leaderboard. All around a fun game for everyone!

Guess the Movie

Perfect game for movie buffs. Given a graphical description about the movie, guess the name of the movie. The movie buffs know about movies both old and new. Hey is that celebrated black-and-white classic? Or is that a cult legend? If you know your stuff, then this is going to be a breeze. Hold tight and enjoy!

Doodle Challenge

Show off your quick drawing skills in this challenging activity to depict a given word. A popular game for small or large groups.


Give everyone the opportunity to connect with anyone they like and strike up a conversation in this new refreshing way to hang out with your team. Get a birds-eye view of all the attendees and join and leave a conversation instantaneously.

Unknowable Numbers

This a game for people who are bad at trivia or don’t like knowing and flaunting factoids. You’ll be presented a statement. And you will have to intuitively come up with the right answer to the problem – or you can take a wild guess! And no – you don’t have to do any math. Just click on one of the multiple options.


Given a question use lateral thinking to come up with an answer. Come up with an answer to solve seemingly impossible questions. This is a great way to demonstrate alternative thinking process.

Odd one out

Questions based on theme, and not subtle differences in illustrations. You can choose from a wide variety of topics and themes to test your knowledge on, and given four pictures, pick out the outlier.


Build great camaraderie among your friends and colleagues. Mime your way out to get your team to guess.

Rebus Puzzles

Clever pictorial representations of popular phrases! You will brainteaser at its best, and test your knowledge of idioms and phrases. Try doing it with clock ticking and the pressure of competing with others! It’s going to be a whole lot of fun… are you ready?

Name That Person

Each player is given a question to answer at the same time. After the questions are answered, the fun begins! Start the quiz that shows the question and answer for each player. You must guess who gave the answer to that question. The player who guesses the most correct answers wins.

Say What?!

Get in touch to come try our newest activity, Say What?! Work with your team to interpret short sayings & decipher what the true meaning of a phrase may be.

Garden Center Escape Room

Kick off gardening season with this fun puzzle hunt!

  • Play as a group or in multiple teams
  • Solve multiple puzzles in multiple levels to reach the final stage
  • Check out hints along the way to help you solve the puzzle
Holy Guacamole - Escape Room

Solve multiple puzzles to find figure out a laptop password, enter the password in the laptop to access the guacamole recipe, and check out hints along the way to help you solve the puzzles.

Name That Song

Will you choose what’s behind “Door #1” or “Door #2”?

Play as individuals and see how many people in your group align with your own selections, the results will surely be enlightening…and fun!

Celebrity Face Mix-Up

Identify celebrities in this mashup of two faces!

  • You better think twice in this celebrity identification challenge!
  • Two celebrity photos mashed up together, figure out their identities.
  • The clock is ticking, can you un-mash the identities?
Holy Guacamole - Escape Room

Solve multiple puzzles to find figure out a laptop password, enter the password in the laptop to access the guacamole recipe, and check out hints along the way to help you solve the puzzles.

Would You Rather

Will you choose what’s behind “Door #1” or “Door #2”?

Play as individuals and see how many people in your group align with your own selections, the results will surely be enlightening…and fun!

Gingerbread Factory Escape Room

Play the Gingerbread Factory Escape Room as a group or in multiple teams to bond with your friends or co-workers.

Fix the broken machines in different parts of the factory, and check out hints along the way to help you solve the puzzle.

Haunted House Escape Room
  • Play as a single group or in multiple teams.
  • Solve multiple puzzles in multiple rooms to escape the haunted house.
  • Check out hints along the way to help you solve the puzzle.
Heist on Arcanum Tower
  • Play as a group or in multiple teams.
  • Solve multiple puzzles in multiple rooms to steal the spellbook.
  • Check out hints along the way to help you solve the puzzle.
Wordplay Pictures
  • Test your knowledge about international culture and geography.
  • Pictures of nature, monuments, food, and people to answer the questions.
  • Play as a team or play individually.

Ask about Customizing Your Online Games to a Special Theme.


Who’s the movie buff in the team? Let’s find out with the “Guess the movie” trivia. Or play the Oscars Bingo and find out all the favorites. It’s a fun way to get your Hollywood fix!


Everyone has a favorite Disney movie or character. Which team member will know the most about Disney? Has everyone visited a Disney park? Find out the answers and so much more with this Disney pac

It's Friday!

It’s Friday! Time to have some fun with the special Friday content. TeamPlayground wants you to enjoy Friday with your team.

The Simpsons

Cowabunga! How well does your team know The Simpsons? Did you know that it’s the longest-running scripted primetime show, the longest-running animated series and longest-running sitcom? If you did, you’re going to have a great time with this event!

International Harry Potter Day

From the Harry Potter Universe, play games on checking your knowledge of the beloved series!


Do you know who shot JR? Do you remember Eleven? Your team will be quizzed on all eras of TV in this pack.

Dog Day

Fetch! It’s National Dog Day, a day to appreciate our canine companions. The day is a great time to sit, stay and roll over. At TeamPlayground, we love our furry friends and we have a special game set just to honor them.


Ready to laugh at workplace bureaucracy? Dilbert has entertained us for years with its hilarious office situations. TeamPlayground is ready to entertain you with some Dilbert-themed games. Play one with your team today!

Doodle Challenge... for polyglots!

Want to compete with your coworkers, laugh, and brush up on your language skills for that upcoming vacation all at once? Check out the ‘Practice My…’ content packs available to test your English, Spanish, French, German, or Dutch skills.

Enchanted School Graduation

Welcome Enchanting School Graduates! You’ve put in the time and learned the skills you’ll need to be a successful witch or wizard. You have just one set of challenges left: in order to enter your graduation ceremony, you’ll need to solve 7 puzzles.

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Arrrr me hearties! It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day. What’s a pirate’s favorite letter? R, of course, but true love be the C. Team Playground has more amusement for your team, even if dad jokes aren’t for you.

National Flip Flop Day

Leave your shoes behind today, it’s National Flip Flop Day! Somehow wearing flip flops makes a work day feel like a holiday. Take a break and join your team at Team Playground for a game or two.

World Chocolate Day

Team Playground loves chocolate! We bet that you have a team member who finds it irresistible too. Who knows the most about chocolate on your team? Find out with this set of chocolate-themed games!

International Joke Day

July 1st is the day to crack a good one! Humor is an important way to relieve stress and bond with your coworkers. There are lots of laughs at Team Playground, the perfect place to spend International Joke Day with your team.

World Emoji Day

Today is the day to show how much you love your team! Give them a nice break and some laugh. It’s World Emoji Day!

National Video Game Day

Is there someone on your team that is a video game junkie? Do you know a lot about video games? Show what you know and have fun with this pack.

National Wine and Cheese Day

Cheers! It’s time to celebrate one of our favorite pairings – wine and cheese. Here at Team Playground, we have a special pairing for you – your team and games.

International Cat Day

Here kitty kitty! Who is the cat lover on your team? International Cat Day, is a day to pamper and enjoy our feline friends. A purrrrfect way to mark this day is to take a break with Team Playground!

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Nothing like a chocolate chip cookie! Even if your team is on a diet, you can enjoy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day with Hermis. We have all sorts of fun activities for your team to enjoy.


The leaves are turning colors and a nip is in the air. Autumn brings a sense of change and new challenges to tackle with your team — it’s exciting! With this pack you’ll get some seasonal activities to play with friends and co-workers.

International Coffee Day

Ready for Halloween? You can entertain your group with Halloween themed mixer games!

National Comic Book Day

It’s National Comic Book Day, September 25th. Whether you like comic books or graphic novels, it’s a day to praise your favorite. We at Team Playground like all sorts, from The Sandman to Ms. Marvel, from Abigail and the Snowman to Huey, Dewey and Louie. We have a specially-curated set of games just for this day!

Women's Equality Day

The 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution, passed in 1920, granted women the right to vote, but the fight for equality continues to this day. Women’s Equality Day celebrates the heroic women who marched in the suffrage movement and spotlights the ongoing struggle for women’s equality in workplaces, schools, medical facilities, and government institutions.

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