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Jeopardy – Virtual Team Building

An all-new way to connect your team!

This well-known game show turns into the ultimate edutainment method, turning your employees into star performers. Your Jeopardy!® company virtual team building game can be played in-person or virtually, and the results identify individual and group knowledge gaps. Creating this fun office game content is easy! Choose company-centric questions, work-centric questions (sales goals, new software quizzes, etc.) or more light-hearted and fun questions! Additionally, trivia questions and clues can be in the form of text, images or videos.

The Jeopardy!® game was built to have the same look and feel as the game show everyone knows and loves!

Teams will experience this fun office game exactly like the show, including:

• Jeopardy!® Rounds
• Double Jeopardy!®
• Daily Doubles
• Final Jeopardy!®

If players have any money left after the first 2 rounds, they can wager points in the final Jeopardy!® round.

TeamBonding will be with you all the way from designing your game and questions to executing your Jeopardy!® event! Choose to run the game virtually, where we connect your team to play remotely from home/any location, or have it hosted, where the game board is shown on the big screen but the players all answer the questions on their own devices. This event is perfect for those companies looking to bond with a virtual team building game!

Engage your team with the only official Jeopardy!®  Training & Education game in the world!

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