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Music Tour Bus

Your team will take on the role of roadie in this mystery-style citywide bus adventure with a musical twist! Centered around the search for the band’s lead singer, your team will encounter challenging puzzles, zany activities, and a hilarious original story as they work together to crack the case. No musical talent is required!

An Original Mystery Story

Take part in a hilarious, original story as you speed through a citywide adventure with the country’s hottest 90s cover band. Lead singer rivalries, groupie romances, and a silent guitarist — all the drama that’s sure to cause some trouble.

Discover Your City, or Explore a New One!

Each adventure features 3-4 stops around the town. And the Music Tour Bus is a turnkey event — meaning that we do all the planning, while you get all the credit. Each location is chosen with the story in mind and we coordinate the logistics.

This leaves you free to sit back and do what you do best – solve the mystery. This adventure will have you exploring new parts of your city, or encountering a familiar city in a new way!

Games and Activities 

As your team works to solve the mystery, our hosts will keep the ride interesting with live music, trivia, and maybe even some carpool karaoke — and of course a healthy dose of humor.

Featuring Local Musicians and Live Music

Each adventure will feature a live member of a local band playing their original music. A great way to dip your toe in the town’s local music scene!

A Great Way to Start a Company Social Hour

Each adventure concludes at a local music hangout spot. The Music Bus is a great way to begin a company retreat or happy hour — giving everyone great bonding and teamwork moments before they start their night out.

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