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Game Show Nation has harnessed our passion, using it to create one of the planet’s leading corporate team building companies. Game Show Nation offers an array of wacky, customizable corporate game show events designed to pump up employee morale, jump-start creative problem solving and generally get your team working more like a team.

Our sensational programs go over well for a lot of the same reasons game shows do. Buzzers and flashing lights…breathless…audience…fabulous prizes…yes, it’s all here!

We have chosen a few of our favorite team building events to offer to our New England clients like you. Socially interactive team building events add energy to corporate events to keep everyone engaged and having fun while breaking down barriers, opening communication, and enhancing essential skills.

Everything about these events is larger than life – from lights, buzzers and giant board games to our game show hosts themselves. Hysterically, funny, and truly memorable! Have a Game Night Event with your team

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