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Around the Virtual Campfire

Life is Better Around the Virtual Campfire!

 Nothing says team bonding better than a shared experience with your team Around the Virtual Campfire.  Imagine the sparkling golden hues of the fire, the crackles of the wood popping, and the warmth of the people gathered around the campfire. Hosted by your TeamBonding facilitator (think camp counselor) you’ll enjoy live music, interactive stories, custom trivia, and fun performances!
Best of all, each participant will receive their very own classic s’mores kit or hot chocolate kit:
S’mores are the quintessential summer camping treat, all grown up.  It’s the ultimate melty, ooey-gooey, chocolate graham marshmallow experience.  Each team member will receive a portioned bar of the finest couverture chocolate, four vanilla-bean marshmallows, and eight freshly-baked honey vanilla graham crackers.  Put them together and you have an indulgence unlike any other, outdoors or in. This artisan s’mores kit combined with a virtual campfire experience will bring a smile to your face.
Get cozy around the fire with our hot chocolate kits
You’ll receive three hot chocolate bombs with a convenient stick for stirring. Enjoy salted caramel, vanilla mint, and french truffle deliciousness. Dunk the chocolate into a mug of steaming milk, swirl, and enjoy.

Get ready to make some shared memories around the fire in your very own home! See options below.

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