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Team-opoly Scavenger Hunt

Team-opoly Scavenger Hunt

In this fast-paced, high-tech scavenger hunt, the game board is actually the streets of any city you choose. Strategy? Planning? Adventure? It’s all here. No wonder Hasbro itself was the first company to book this event.

Bored of Board games?

Clients consistently rave about our high-tech scavenger hunts – they remain one of TeamBonding’s most popular event categories. Combine all of this fun and excitement with one of the world’s most iconic board game themes, and you have all the ingredients for a stellar team building activity. Strategy? Planning? Adventure? It’s all here.

Your teams compete to acquire resources and property, hedging bets and making deals as they attempt to amass the biggest fortune. But they also have to move hilarious oversized game pieces from location to location.

As teams travel along their designated route, they face a series of fun and funny challenges. Our wonderful Go Team software provides each group with instant feedback, updates on other teams and even live messages from our event facilitator. To keep things super interesting, we also hand out random Take a Chance, Community Challenge and IRS Audit cards.

As with all of our scavenger hunts, Team-Opoly is designed to provide meaningful roles for everyone to play. This makes for an inclusive, energizing experience that can work wonders for team morale.

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