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Do Good Bus

Giving back to your community always feels good. Getting out into that community while you’re giving back is even better. And when your team travels together by bus to reach their destination? We call that next-level good.

Hop on the bus for a day of fun, team building, lunch, and a mystery volunteer location! Participants don’t know where they’re going, but they know they’re going to do good! We believe surprises spark growth. Our RIDES make a direct community impact and forge authentic connections. Ready to RIDE …

We’ve got you.

You’re amazing, but you’re not an event planner. We do all the planning to make it turn-key for you. We have an ever-expanding network of social good volunteer opportunities to experience the powerful impact of giving back. Just pick your date.

Business, like a community… we’re better together.

Working side-by-side on projects at the causes we visit, your team will forge authentic connections. Making a direct community impact and learning about the cause, it’s a win-win. Our amazing hosts have a few ideas of their own too!

A little mystery… A lot of fun.

We believe surprises are important and spark growth. The mystery is the first step in creating bonds… Trust us, we’ve been doing this a while. But if you do want to have a say in things we are happy to share the destination with you or collaborate to pick a cause that best suits your organization.

There are hundreds of worthy causes with the potential to help your city, your neighbors, and your friends. Our mission is to bring visibility and accessibility to these causes. This event is designed to connect your team with community and shared purpose in fun, unique ways. The goal is to inspire people to keep on doing good after your event wraps up – at work, at home, and beyond.

Just hop on the bus, and leave the rest to us!

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