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WFH Scavenger Hunt

A WFH Scavenger Hunt like no other!

Connect with your team working from home in this unique team building event full of laughter, creativity, collaboration, and epic photos that will go down in history.

Instead of getting cabin fever, utilize the resources around your house to compete in this engaging and fast-paced game! Using our intuitive app to access our customized scavenger hunt, you will work with a team of 6-10 people in your own breakout room to complete trivia, photo, and video challenges.

The process will include pooling resources, knowledge, and tech skills which will require your team to work together in unexpected ways. Funny and imaginative video and photo challenges are sure to bring smiles to everyone’s face. Then, with a big drumroll, we will announce the winners of this high-energy event!

Our app-led scavenger hunt is fun and engaging. Once the group has arrived, we provide instructions for logging into the game and coordinating with your team to find your video, photo, and trivia challenges. Several rounds will include looking for different types of objects, several items with a clue, a race to find what you think the item is, and then the big reveal. Participants will also be given opportunities for bonus points, and then comes the best part… showing everyone a few of the most epic videos and photos from the scavenger hunt and announcing the winners.

In this unique WFH Scavenger hunt,  you can compete and win – all while sitting in your sweats at home!

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