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Virtual Survey Says

Survey Says!

Virtual Survey Says is TeamBonding’s hilarious virtual adaptation of the classic, long-running game show in which two teams try to guess the top six to ten answers displayed on the board.

This corporate trivia program is by far one of our most popular game show formats that we present. Think team building version of Family Feud! How well do you know your co-workers, company and company culture? You’ll have a great time finding out with the Online Game Show team building trivia activity.  Teams can play this virtual activity, each with 5 to 10 people per team. In most cases, teams play for approximately 15 minutes, and other teams are rotated through to maximize the number of people that get to play. There is usually a “championship round” at the end to determine the champion of the team building trivia activity.  Champion can be determined by the highest score or a head to head championship match.

Game questions can be unique to your organization (ESPN customized all their questions based on an actual company survey) or let us mix company-specific questions with other fun general-knowledge categories. Special highlights include the Virtual Face-Off, our Interactive Game Show Host, the Buzzer Round, and Get Ready to Steal.

A sure-fire winner, Virtual Survey Says corporate trivia program works extremely well during a weekly meeting, an online happy hour or as a tournament between departments.

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