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Live Improv Comedy

Boston Nightlife – Improv Comedy

We are proud to offer a uniquely talented comedy troupe who specializes in performing customized interactive improvisational comedy shows.

The Speed of Thought Players have performed at clubs, schools, and private functions throughout New England to both audience and critical acclaim. With a variety of game styles and a fully interactive format, we guarantee you’ll never see the same show twice and you’ll always want to come back for more!

If you are familiar with TV’s ‘Whose Line Is It, Anyway?’ then you have a pretty good idea of the type of short-form improv comedy shows we perform. With this distinctive approach to improv, performers rely on their wits and their host’s interaction to consistently create hilarity and enjoyment. The audience shapes the show as the host takes their suggestions for things like types of people, settings, and scenarios and then uses those ideas to create new short scenes for the players to jump into.

 The Speed of Thought Players include some of the funniest and most inventive people in the business, with years of improv comedy experience and training. Their shows can and have been customized for any age group or demographic, from grade-school children to nursing homes. Check out all the improv events that Head First Events offers too!

At a glance:

1½ to 2 hour fully-improvised show

3-6 professional improvisational actors

1 professional host/MC

1 professional DJ (optional)

performed around your tables between courses, or even in your office

no stage required

rated anything from G to R, your choice

suitable for 300 guests or fewer

all materials and props included

we bring the show to your event

lots of audience interaction

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Wildly entertaining team building and a great time. We've worked with thousands of clients across every industry to create private events that will be talked about for years to come. Ready to be part of the unforgettable experience?

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