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Safari Team Building

A Truly Exotic Remote Team Augmented Reality (AR) Game

An emergency is unfolding in your city. Somehow, all of the animals have escaped the city zoo and are roaming free. Using augmented reality technology, your team’s mission is to form highly efficient teams in order to track down the loose animals and return them to safety.

Players are assigned specialist roles and use the walkie-talkie feature on the app to communicate with one another. Only well-coordinated cross-functional communication will save the day!

In Safari, each player must know their position and strength and communicate their specialist assigned roles.

– Operators have a big map view with animal locations

– Scientists gather potions to make sedatives

– Rangers gather equipment to catch and transport the animals

The intriguing storyline and fantastical augmented reality (AR) game format actively encourages all team members to participate. In working their way to the end goal, teams must actively listen, consider all opinions, and make decisions quickly in a limited time. While socializing and having fun, participants will discover the talents of others and learn how to work together. The scalable gameplay means that Safari is suited to both small and large groups wherever you are located.

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