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Meet Benny Kravitz

Meet Benny Kravitz Meet Benny Kravitz*, local musician pursuing his passion here in Boston. Meet Benny yourself this summer in Sleuth: Case of the Dead Paparazzi.   Interviewer: Are you from around here? Benny Kravitz: No, I’m from out West.  California.  I came out here for love.  What I thought was love anyway… Interviewer: You’re a musician, […]

Meet Dick Wiener

Meet Dick Wiener Meet Dick Weiner*, a paparazzi just trying to make a (mostly honest) living here in Boston. Meet Dick yourself in Sleuth: Case of the Dead Paparazzi.   Interviewer: Are you from Boston originally? Dick Wiener: Actually I’m not. Dick Weiner was born and raised in Miami, Florida, where I went to photography school […]

Meet Penny Lane

Meet Penny Lane Get to know Penny Lane*, an ambitious photojournalism student at Boston College. Meet this small-town-turned-city girl yourself this summer in Sleuth.   Interviewer: Where are you from originally? Penny Lane: I am originally from Connecticut, Ridgefield Connecticut. The best way to describe that is, you know how Connecticut is a box with a […]

Meet Detective Dooley

Meet Detective Dooley Get to know Boston’s very own Detective Dooley*, a major crime solving cop who’s daring escapades you can experience for yourself this summer in Sleuth.   Interviewer: Are you from Boston? If not, when did you move here? Detective Dooley: For a name like Dooley, you bet I’m Boston, born and raised. Interviewer: […]

Announcing! Sleuth: A Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt

Sleuth Murder Mystery MURDER! There’s a dead paparazzi in downtown Boston, and all the clues point to murder. But where will those clues lead? That’s up to you, our volunteer CSI unit, to find out! Sleuth is theater as you’ve never experienced it before. This immersive live action scavenger hunt brings you right into the story, and […]

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