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Meet Penny Lane

Meet Penny Lane

Get to know Penny Lane*, an ambitious photojournalism student at Boston College. Meet this small-town-turned-city girl yourself this summer in Sleuth.


Interviewer: Where are you from originally?20160609_181120
Penny Lane: I am originally from Connecticut, Ridgefield Connecticut. The best way to describe that is, you know how Connecticut is a box with a little tail going out towards New York? [Interviewer: Mhm!] That’s where I’m from. [Interviewer: The tail?] The tail of Connecticut, yes.

Interviewer: What made you choose to come to Boston?
Penny Lane: Um, I fell in love with the city after I visited a couple of friends up here, actually. I had always spent time in New York when I was a kid, and it’s just so loud and noisy. But Boston kind of gets quiet at the end of the night. At certain times, at least, on certain days of the week. So I kind of like that.

Interviewer: You’re studying in the city, right? Where are you going to college?
Penny Lane: I’m going to Boston College.

Interviewer: What are you studying?
Penny Lane: Photo-journalism.

Interviewer: What’s your favorite place to hang out in Boston?
Penny Lane: I like hanging out around Faneuil Hall, but if I really had to pick a place that I do love to just go and hang out, either by myself or with friends, I like to go to The Green Dragon. It’s a pub over on Marshall Street, and it’s got some history attached to it. It’s where the Sons of Liberty planned the Boston Tea Party. [Interviewer: oh wow that’s cool.] So you get a lot of artsy people there. I like it there.

Interviewer: What else do you do in your down time?
Penny Lane: To be honest, I’m studying so much I don’t really have a lot of down time? So I usually just end up sleeping? [laughs]

Interviewer: What’s the most exciting thing that’s happened to you living here?
Penny Lane: Probably learning how to actually drive in Boston. The drivers around here are just INSANE. And like, learning the roads around down town, you know how everything is just a constant circle. [Interviewer:  very different from Connecticut?] So different from Connecticut, the first time I came up here I gave myself 45 minutes to get lost, and I needed all 45 of them. People are just crazy!

Interviewer: Do you think you’ll stick around after college?
Penny Lane: I’d like too. But it’s gonna depend on where I can find a job. If I end up moving back home to pay off my enormously high student student loan, I might have to do that. But yeah I would love to stay here.


*a fictional interview 

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