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Think Outside of the Box, The Chocolate Box that is!

Think Outside the Chocolate Box

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Charles Schultz, American cartoonist best known for the comic strip Peanuts, tells us that all you really need is love, but a little chocolate doesn’t hurt either!  This sweet treat is more than just a whimsical food packaged in fancy wrappers and gourmet boxes. Chocolate is very versatile as a cooking ingredient and has been shown to have many benefits besides its delicious taste. Get ready to learn about the usefulness of chocolate, outside of the box.

Chocolate In Health:

Howard LeWine, M.D. Chief Medical Editor of Harvard writes that he will not be writing chocolate prescriptions just YET but he won’t be instructing his patients to AVOID eating chocolate either. Many studies, time and time again show lower rates of heart disease in those who consume dark chocolate. Although these results are based on observational studies and it hasn’t been PROVEN that chocolate has a heart healing power, its proof that you should not feel guilty for eating that tasty treat. Researchers, doctors, and chocolate lovers everywhere are slowly recognizing that dark chocolate is on its way to being the next super food.  So when it comes to matters of the heart you don’t have to think twice about chocolate.


Chocolate Thoughts:

Here’s a thought, what if chocolate improved your mental health? We all had those days where we feel mentally fatigued. These days are unavoidable. What if the answer you have been searching for to make it through these days was simply a piece of chocolate?  We already know chocolate is good for the heart, but let’s discuss how it benefits the mind. Chocolate is made from cacao beans. These cacao beans are rich in flavanols that improve blood circulation. Your brain benefits from this reaction and is better able to fight mental fatigue, making it easier to think clearly and more efficiently. Do you know what that means? You need MORE CHOCOLATE! Need a boost at work? Eat some chocolate. Need a mental break? Take a chocolate break.  Who knew the answer to ALL your problems was so simple? So be smart and have a piece of chocolate.


Chocolate Adventures:

Chocolate is not only fun for our mouths but for our souls! It’s all about the environment and culture as far as Max Brenner is concerned. Being surrounded by something that makes you happy inevitably boosts your mood. Max Brenner’s restaurant creates this kind of environment for chocolate lovers in over 50 locations. They share their love through unique chocolate recipes and presentation.

If you are interested in dipping your hands in the chocolate pot, chocolate workshops are another way to experience chocolate in a new creative setting. They provide a marvelous way to spend an afternoon among friends. Even culinary novices will leave with a full understanding of where chocolate has come from and where it’s going. Chocolate tours are another experience that allows you to climb out of the box and right into a world of chocolate. Where else can you combine all your senses and experience a wealth of knowledge, sight-seeing, tasting, smelling and feeling smooth irresistible textures of this tasty treat?

No matter how you experience it, never underestimate the power of Chocolate.





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