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Survive the Office Christmas Party with these Tips

Surviving the office holiday party is a daunting task. These tips, hints, and experiences will help you make the best of the most awkward holiday party situations. No one wants to be “that guy” or take the “walk of shame” the first day back to work after the big event. You need tips on how to survive the office Christmas party. These tips will help you celebrate any type of holiday party, including Christmas­Kwanzaa­Chanukah­Solistice parties. Did we leave anyone out? Hope not.


tips to survive the office Christmas Party

No matter what holiday you celebrate, these tips to survive the office Christmas party will come in handy.


Since everyone else is sharing tips on what to do, we decided to share what not to do.


  • Don’t be that guy. You know the guy, the one who thinks he is the life of the party. In the old days, he’d be the one wearing a lampshade. These days, he might attend the party in a Hawaiian Shirt or a Bad Santa Suit. To prep for the party, he started drinking at lunch… the day before.


The life of the party!


  • Don’t be that girl. She just wanted to be the life of the party, but before she knew it, she was sitting on Santa’s lap… awkward.


  • Don’t rush your crush. It is still the office. Office rules and etiquette apply. Sure, you are feeling giddy and full of holiday spirit– but if your advances are unwanted you could be getting a sexual harassment suit for Christmas. Yep… you’d be better off with a Santa suit.


  • If it is a holiday pitch-in, don’t get chatty in the buffet line. If you’re filled with spirits, you’ll probably be talking louder than you think. The minute you say, “Eww, who made the vomit stew?” the person next in line will be the guilty party. Don’t shout!


  • Don’t talk about office gossip. Sure, you never get a chance to talk to Zoe in Accounting, and you’ve been dying to hear the scoop on Fred in Marketing, but the ears have walls. Instead, ask Zoe out to lunch in a loud cafeteria.


  • Just as you shouldn’t talk about others, you shouldn’t share too much about your personal life. Often, things we see as routine, others find a bit disturbing. Don’t have everyone whispering about your TMI act. For example, when someone asks how you are, remember they don’t really want to know all of the gory details- especially if you are eating dessert. Don’t spoil your co-worker’s appetites.


  • Don’t boss. The party is for the employees. Let them enjoy it. Don’t ask your assistant to get you a drink or ‘be a dear’ and retrieve your phone from your desk because you were lame and forgot it.


  • Don’t take pictures of everything and tag everyone on social media. While you might think it is hilarious that Susie tripped over the cord bringing the Christmas tree to splat on the buffet table, odds are Susie isn’t amused. Instead, help her up, and be a dear and pick up the tree. Maybe someone will take a photo and tag you, being a good samaritan.


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