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What’s it like Behind the Scenes at Mystery Diners?

Have you ever wondered what it is like behind the scenes at  mystery diners?  We’re not exactly a diner, but we have dinner and mystery…  Before the show, some people are working hard to make sure everything runs smoothly and others are shaking off their nerves to prepare themselves for a great performance.  Wondering if those are stage props in the pictures? You’ll just have to get some tickets and find out for yourselves!


Stage Manager Melissa Ehlers

Stage Manager Melissa Ehlers hard at work.


How do you like them apples?


K. Bevin Ayers

Performer K. Bevin Ayers and some, ahem, apples.


Is that a rubber chicken?


Falstiff & Larkolyn 2

Falstiff and Lady Larkolyn with a friend.


Death becomes her.


K. Bevin Ayers and Johnbarry Green

She takes an arrow through the stomach.


Is that an Irish Jig or a Russian Dance?


CJ Urciuoli silly dance

CJ Urciuoli dancing the night away.


Apples and Chickens and Bananas, oh my!


The King, Lady, Jester & Knight

Say, “Cheese”.


She’s offering an apple; will you accept?


Queen Malisciouscent 2

An apple a day…


Can you caption this photo?



Company Director, Shannon Lane Dupont and Queen Maliciouscent.


Special props to Shannon, who will be taking maternity leave soon. She’s been working hard to make this show a success!

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