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Escape the Mob – Philly

Last night you and your team went out on the town to celebrate a friend’s birthday. You wake up to read shocking headlines in the newspaper. On this night, a perfect heist was committed in the area. A daring robbery from the Mob bosses hideout at the back of his notorious night club. Thieves stole a valuable stash of diamonds. The boss, Don Collioni, is mad. He wants his diamonds back at all costs. He has put the word out that these people must be apprehended right away.

Your team has 90 minutes to get your story straight and determine the exact time you were at the place. In order to prove your innocence and successfully Escape the Mob, first you will have to retrace your steps from the night before, create an alibi, then ultimately recover the stolen diamonds so that you can live to fight another day!

In your bag, you have items from the night that will help you in your quest to Escape the Mob.

Your team will start off at the unique Chhaya Cafe in Philly with a delicious Italian inspired menu. At the start, your team will play fun quick games to get you ready for the challenge ahead of you. After dinner, you’re off trying to be the first to complete these tasks on an iPad around the neighborhood.

Book your tickets as an individual for $64.95 and we will make your team. Or book as your own team of up to 6 for $359.70.

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Where to find us...

Chhaya Cafe

1819 East Passyunk Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19148, USA

From couches, to window seats, to bar stools, every inch of Chhaya offers a unique vibe so you can find the perfect nook or cranny just for you. They provide more brew styles than any other coffee shop in Philadelphia, offering you the most out of every sip. Their food is diverse and simple to encourage less adventurous eaters to try something new.



Caprese Skewers (Gluten Free and Vegetarian)
Fried Cauliflower Bites
Salad with Mixed Green and Tomatoes, Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing (Vegan)
Chicken Parmesan
Pasta with Marinara Sauce (with a minimum of 48 hours notice, this can be made vegetarian and dairy free)
Cannoli Cone
Fresh Fruit

Groups and Occasions

Need an idea for a place to celebrate a birthday or anniversary with a group of friends? Or maybe a bachelorette party for your girlfriends? What about an office party? Head First Events is the perfect place for social groups! You and all of your friends and coworkers will enjoy lots of laughs and a great meal for an affordable price. Have a group larger than 90 people? We can take our shows to the location of your choice, including a Boston Harbor Cruise! All group rates are processed over the phone. Please note that group rates are NOT available for our Mansion Mysteries or the Haunted Dinner Theater. Call us today at 617-426-1999 to book your group.

10-15 people - $60

16-31 people - $58

Over 31 people - $56

All above rates include tax & gratuity.
Group rates are NOT available for Mansion Mysteries, the Haunted Dinner Theater, or public shows playing in December.

V.I.P Package - $20

Seasonal necklace
Digital photograph with the full cast
Special acknowledgement from the cast

Birthday Package – $20

Birthday Hat for the celebrant
Digital photograph with the full cast
Birthday Song & Celebration

Anniversary Package – $20

Two roses for the couple
Digital photograph with the full cast
Anniversary Song & Celebration

Bachelor / Bachelorette Package – $20

Bachelorette or Bachelor Party Favors
Digital photograph with the full cast
Song & Celebration

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