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How to Make the Most of Valentine’s Day When You’re Single

When you’re in love, Valentine’s Day serves as a day to reflect on your relationship. When you’re single it’s a day where you realize you still haven’t found that special someone.


Veg Out

Watch Rom-Coms and mock them


Treat Yo’Self

Make reservations at a place you’d normally not go alone, or somewhere you normally don’t get to go and enjoy a nice dinner by yourself.


The Perfect Single Serving

Bake a cake and eat it (mug cakes are great).


A Spa Day Is Always A Good Day

Pamper yourself with a day at the spa


Status: Offline

Take the day off from social media, use that time to reflect on yourself and how great you are rather than scrolling through other people’s posts about their coupley Valentine’s Day.


Love Yourself

Go out and do something that you love, but no one ever wants to do with you. It can be very empowering discovering that you can be happy without anyone else.



Go on a vacation or day trip depending on how (in)flexible your schedule)


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