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Last-Minute Holiday Party? No Problem!

We’ve all been in this position. When the holiday season creeps up on you so quick, you forgot all about planning your spectacular holiday party. Usually that would mean just skipping over it completely, but you’re no grinch right? Right. So here are a few tips to help you put together a last-minute party, full of holiday cheer. 


Keep It Simple

  • Focus on having a variety of finger foods and holiday cocktails. The kind that’s easy to pick up and eat so guest can mingle and not feel bogged down.


No Invite? No Problem.

  • Like with all last minute ideas, you probably didn’t have time to decide on a nice cardstock invitation sent out to each potential guest. Don’t worry! Nowadays, it’s easy to just send over an e-invite through email or create an event on social media and share it with all your closest friends. After all, they’re the ones you want to party with.


Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate

  • A good-ole holiday classic is hot cocoa, who can resist it? Make it even better by setting up a hot chocolate bar for your party. Just whip up a big batch of hot chocolate (instant or homemade) and set out a bunch of toppings like marshmallows, candy canes, whip creme, and if you’re feeling extra fancy – flavored syrup!



  • Gather holiday decorations you probably already have lying around and use those to spruce up the party room. If you don’t have decorations (which everyone should) then get some paper and cut out some cute snowflakes to hang around.


Don’t Stress

  • Let’s face it, the holidays wouldn’t be the holidays if there wasn’t a good amount of stress involved. But out of all the things to stress about (buying the best gifts, having enough liquor, grandma getting run over by a reindeer) a party should not be one of them. As long as you have your best friends over, it’s always going to be a good party.


If these easy tips are still too overwhelming for you, let us help! Book a private event with us and we can take care of everything, from the entertainment to the food, you just have to show up.


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