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7 Reasons Why I Love & Hate Winter

Winter and I have a love-hate relationship. Depending on the day, it could be more hate than love. To me, winter is like the old friend you miss, but once they’re actually there you wish it was time for them to leave. It’s complicated because you’re friends, so you have things you do like about each other, but at a distance. Check out these 7 Reasons For Why I Love & Hate Winter.


Layers, Layers, and MORE LAYERS

For all the perpetually cold people out there – this is your time to shine! Wrap yourself in that comfy scarf you’ve had since middle school. Wear that hat you keep for bad hair days, everyday. Stack on those sweaters like you won’t be taking them off by the afternoon. There’s no better time to take out all your wintry clothes and layer them up like no tomorrow than during winter.


Shorter Days, Earlier Nights.

Dark by 4 p.m.? No problem. You won’t catch me complaining about this any time soon. It’s a great excuse to be lazy. You don’t have to be super productive and have a jam-packed three hours of activities like BBQing and swimming at the pool. In winter, you can just order your take-out and curl up on the TV to catch up on your missed shows.


Goodbye Humidity

Living in the New England area is a blessing…most of the time. The exceptions come in predominantly during the summer when the hottest days give you the ickiest humidity. I’m talking squelching flip-flops humidity. It’s muggy and sticky, almost feels thick when you’re breathing in. Cue winter – now the air is breathable and dare I say – fresh! It’s this crisp air that tempts you to drive with the windows down even when it’s barely pushing 35 degrees outside.


Bugs Be Gone!

You don’t have to layer on the bug spray every time you want to step outside. You don’t have to search for the flyswatter to swat that annoying fly. This is arguably the best part of winter for me.


Taking the T

We’ve all been in the position of taking the train through Boston during the rush hour. Now think back to those hot summer days when you were crowded on the train and smushed in between everyone – it wasn’t fun. It was sweaty and claustrophobic. In winter, there’s not a lot of sweat going on making at least that aspect a little more bearable. Especially during a long commute. It’s basically a win for everyone, some more than others.


The Best Food

Winter = comfort food heaven. All the carbs, the warm soups, the cookies for Santa, the hot chocolate, and more. It’s basically a requirement to eat your weight in comfort foods meant to fill you up versus shaping you up, and then resolving to lose that winter weight for the new year. Nothing beats a good chicken noodle soup! Try this one from Jo Cooks.


Let It Snow

Snow is actually very pretty when it’s not obstructing your driveway. It’s so white and sparkling in the light. It also lets you do things like snowball fights or snow angels that rain or hail just wouldn’t have the same effect.

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