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Things To Do In The Fall Near Boston

The Fall Season has finally arrived, and the season of change brings a lot of unique and fun things to do in the Greater Boston Area. We’ve compiled a list of great, family-friendly activities for you to check out and it will hopefully give you some ideas for your upcoming weekends.


Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin patches are “cropping” up everywhere. Do you know what that means? Pumpkin seeds, eating, carving, baking, spice, and most importantly, pie! Most of these are tasty, but pumpkin carving is where the fun is. Pumpkin carving is always a blast and there are tons of creative ideas out there to give you some inspiration.

Kids Pumpkin Carving

The annual Keene Pumpkin Festival will take place on Sunday, October 27th. If you are willing to make a trip up to New Hampshire, this is definitely an event worth checking out.


Apple Orchards


Apple season is already upon us, and there are tons of apple orchards that let you come and pick some of their apples, and they usually have food and fun activities as well. Check out these local farms with daily apple picking or find an orchard near you!


County Fairs


Fairs are a fantastic way to spend a day with family or friends. They usually have tons of things to do, things to see, and things to eat! The Topsfield Fair is running from October 4th through 14th. You can learn more and get tickets on their website.


Overhead view of a lit up fairground


Salem, Massachusetts


HauntedHappenings.org is your place for everything Salem! They have listings for tons of events and activates going on in Salem. From their website: “A festive celebration of Halloween and fall in New England. We invite you to experience a unique one of a kind Halloween experience. From the Grand Parade and Family Film Nights on Salem Common to ghost tours, haunted houses and so much more.”

And one of those special Salem events is…

Clue Live! Presented by our very own Haunted Dinner Theater. This special event takes place at the historic Hawthorne Hotel, situated in the heart of Salem, MA.

Interrogate the suspects, collect the clues, and solve the mystery while enjoying a decadent buffet. Join our cast of killers for an unforgettable experience as we present for your entertainment, Clue Live. Fun, food, spirits, and a mystery to solve – all in one memorable night!


Another fun and interesting activity that is unique to Salem is Black Cat Tours. They have Historic Day Tours and Ghostly Night Tours, and neither of them have more than a mile of walking, so there is something for everyone. The daytime tours are about “Pirates, Puritans, Witchcraft, and War” while their night time shows are about hauntings, ghosts, ghost hunters, and bone-chilling stories.


Thanks for reading, we hope we’ve given you some fun ideas for things to do near Boston this Fall.

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