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See What People Are Saying About Saturday Night Dead!

saturday night dead

Saturday Night Dead has been getting rave reviews and has sold out every single performance so far! See what people are saying about our latest smash hit:

“Thanks for giving my daughter, who turned 16, and her friends a fantastic experience. They had a wonderful time and talked about it all weekend. Your Saturday Night Dead cast made the group feel special, as I’m sure they did for every table there.”

– Lisa

“Hi, had a great time last night for our daughters 16th birthday! Loads of fun. Loved the actors and how personable they were to the guests. Food was delicious! Thank you. What a great way to spend your birthday.”

– Laurie

“This show was great. We all enjoyed it. I will return in the near future.”

– Joseph

“My wife and I have a blast. It was really silly, clever, and had a lot of variety. The music was awesome, the food and service was nice too, and it was a fair price ($50/ticket plus a tip). Keep up the great work!”

– Ian

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