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Saturday Night Boston Events

What Will you do this Sat Night?

If you are looking for something new to do, we’ve got the Saturday Night Boston Events for you! We even have an event titled Saturday Night Dead! #satnight  I’ll let you in on a little secret; some of our events are also on Thursday and Friday nights. If you want, you can even book a corporate event on other days of the week.  It’s a new year, get out and do something fun and exciting! Here’s a list of all of our 2015 events by month. Check back often, we’ll keep updating this list or click this link: Things to do in New England Sat Night.


Boston Saturday Night

Saturday night Boston events.

Photo by Sfoskett at English Wikipedia, via Wikimedia Commons.


24 – Murder Most Medieval at Elephant and Castle, Boston. (Every Sat Night through March 28, 2015)

31- ComedySportz at Davis Square



14- Love to Cook

28- ComedySportz at Davis Square



7- ComedySportz at Davis Square

14- ComedySportz at Davis Square

21- ComedySportz at Davis Square

21- Finnegan’s Wake Mit Endicott House



18- ComedySportz at Davis Square (Northeast Tournament)

25- ComedySportz at Davis Square



2- ComedySportz at Davis Square

9- ComedySportz at Davis Square

16- ComedySportz at Davis Square

23- ComedySportz at Davis Square

30- ComedySportz at Davis Square



6- ComedySportz at Davis Square

13- ComedySportz at Davis Square

20- ComedySportz at Davis Square

27- ComedySportz at Davis Square



25- Hooray for Hollywood

Check back ComedySportz Dates TBD



1- Hooray for Hollywood

8- Hooray for Hollywood

15- Hooray for Hollywood

22- Hooray for Hollywood

Check back ComedySportz Dates TBD



26- Haunted Dinner Theater

Check back ComedySportz Dates TBD



3- Haunted Dinner Theater

10- Haunted Dinner Theater

17- Haunted Dinner Theater

24- Haunted Dinner Theater

Check back ComedySportz Dates TBD



7- Haunted Dinner Theater

Check back ComedySportz Dates TBD



Dates TBD, Check back for holiday shows at MIT Endicott Mansion.

Check back ComedySportz Dates TBD

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