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Murder at the Mansion starts next week!

Murder at the Mansion

What makes Murder at the Mansion different than the other Mystery Café shows?

Well, the biggest answer to that is location. We keep most of the rest of our shows pretty local to the city in the summer, either at the Elephant & Castle downtown, or at Riccardo’s in the North End, or our newest show that takes place in Faneuil Hall. Murder at the Mansion is a whole other ballgame.

The venue for this show is located in Dedham, which is 45 minutes out of the city by car, an hour and change by commuter rail and bus. Even being relatively close to the city, this town has the quiet appeal of the countryside, and is known for several Endicott_House,_Dedham_MAhistorical sites. One of which, the MIT Endicott House, serves as our hosts for this mystery dinner.

The Endicott house stands on the site of the home of an American Civil War general, Stephen Minot Weld Jr. The house in it’s current form was completed in the 1930s by the Endicott Family, and was donated to MIT in 1955. This literal mansion plays the back drop for our murder, and is a character in and of itself.

The show itself is different than our other programs as well. The theme for this summer is Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? which is a perfect selection for such a beautiful venue. “As you arrive, you are immediately treated as if you are part of the wedding celebration and treated to a non-alcoholic Bellini,” says company director Shannon Lane DuPont. “Dinner takes place on a covered terrace overlooking the gardens, and guests are free to roam around the property if they want to explore.”

You can also easily turn this dinner theater into a weekend get-away. In addition to the Saturday night mystery dinner package, we offer an overnight option. For an additional fee, you have the option to stay overnight at the Endicott house and receive complementary breakfast the next morning.

Murder at the Mansion is a completely different experience than anything else Mystery Café offers. We hope you’ll come check us out!

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