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Got tourists? A unique view of the Boston area with your visitors.


Tourists With A Unique View

Graduation season is upon us, which means in the next few weeks expect U-haul inventory to drop to nil, double parking to increase by 1000 percent and dinner reservations to be scarce.  It is also marks the start of tourism season (since fewer people tend to visit our record-breaking winters as they do walk the Freedom Trail when the ice finally melts off of it).  So don’t expect it to clear up after the grads depart until about November.

So maybe you have the double-edged sword of the parents dropping in for a week (or two) hey, it’s free babysitting but also many hours to fill! Or maybe that buddy from school is headed in and you want to show Boston in a different light.  What unique things can you do with your visitors? Instead of debating your life choices with mom and dad for the nth time, or if you have already seen Paul Revere’s abode a half a dozen times, we have a list to keep you very busy (and much more entertained). Sorry, this is not the list with the Swan Boats, Freedom Trail or USS Constitution tours but we certainly wouldn’t deny you the option to go there either.

Now of course, you should definitely consider a Murder Mystery Dinner– we since have three different shows available for tickets currently.  If you should find your date of choice sold out though you could also consider the very interactive improv comedy show Comedysportz which is also a great family-friendly experience.

Finally, if you find yourself out and about in the city with or without grandkids involved, we can also suggest the following amazing options (many are FREE) to keep everyone entertained!

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