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Fun Things to do on a Student Budget

Are you looking for fun things to do as a student in Boston? Has stretching your dollar become a pastime for you? Have you rationalized pizza as healthy-well, it sort of looks like the food pyramid. How long have you substituted reruns and cyberspace for a night out? C’mon you can only rearrange your milk crate shelves so many times before you crave something new, right? You are a human being with social needs, and you can’t just go sell your textbooks on eBay (yet) to fund those liberties! So, what is a poor college student to do for fun?


pizza food group


Just a half block from the Red line (or a short stroll if you go to Tufts) you and your buds will find live comedy action that doesn’t bust your budget. If your pals are too busy studying, no biggie– leave them behind! The comics will pay attention to you! They play off  the audience’s suggestions- that’s you! You don’t just watch the show, you interact with it. Talk about getting away from the same old, same old.



Looking for Fun Things to do as a Student in Boston?

Looking for Fun Things to do as a Student in Boston?

So get that Sharpie out and polish your shoes, it is time to have fun!! Normal tickets are just $15, but because you are a student and we know about student woes, we’re pass ing on a nice discount! All you need is the super (not-so-secret) student code: CSzStudents and your ID at the door!

You say you have to study this weekend? Comedy Sportz-Boston has performances every week, and if your location is closer to Northeastern. we also have shows at The Riot Theatre in Jamaica Plain. Pick your show, use your code, see you are there.

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