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From the Creators of the Mystery Cafe Comes ‘ComedySportz Boston’

The world famous Mystery Café is proud to present our newest entertainment venture, ComedySportz Boston, opening on Friday, October 18th at the Davis Square Theatre in Somerville. ComedySportz in Boston is an all Improv, all suggestion based comedy show, fun for all ages. Two teams of “Actletes” get suggestions from the audience, create scenes onstage, and compete for your laughs!


If you like “Whose Line Is It Anyway” then you’ll love ComedySportz!

ComedySportz is a fun, fast-paced comedy show that’s great for the whole family. See two teams battle for laughs — and points — as they make up scenes, games and songs on the spot, with audience participation and suggestions incorporated into the act. Full of off-the-cuff humor and unpredictable moments, it’s never the same show twice.

ComedySportz is improv comedy played as a sport. The show pits two teams of comedians against each other in a variety of games, in which they compete for audience laughter.

Opens Friday, October 18th at the Davis Square Theatre in Somerville!

ComedySportz Referee

Upcoming October Home Matches 

Friday, October 25 – 7:00PM

Saturday, October 26 – 7:00PM

November Home Matches

Saturday, November 2 – 7:00PM

Saturday, November 9 – Boston Comedy Festival  6:00PM

Sunday November 10, Boston Comedy Festival  5:00PM

Saturday, November 23 – 10:00PM

Saturday, November 30 – 7:00PM

December Holidayz Matches

Friday, December 6 – 7:00PM

Saturday, December 7 – 7:00PM

Thursday, December 12 – 7:00PM

Friday, December 13 – 7:00PM

Friday, December 20 – 7:00PM

Tickets only $18



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