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Eye Scream, You Scream for Eyeball Ice Cream

Eye Scream, You Scream, We all scream for Eye-Scream Eyeball Ice Cream


This frozen treat will stare right at you on the plate. Eyeball ice cream treats are the perfect, easy and creepy treat to cool down this summer!

What you’ll need: vanilla ice cream, strawberry syrup, m&m’s and black decorating gel

eye ball ice creamSteps:

  1. Shape 2 scoops of ice cream into round circles and place on wax paper to freeze for 20 minutes
  2. Place the 2 ice cream balls onto a plate about an inch apart
  3. Drizzle the strawberry syrup over each scoop of ice cream (for the blood shot effect)
  4. Place an m&m in the center of each ice cream ball (m&m’s should be the same color)
  5. Place a dot of black decorating gel in the center of the m&m for the pupil

For more information about this recipe click here! 


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