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DIY Murder Mystery

Check out some tips on how to throw your very own DIY murder mystery party!


how to throw your very own DIY murder mystery party!

how to throw your very own DIY murder mystery party!


DIY: Throwing your own murder mystery party is a sure way to make sure that your story is customized. Although this might be the hardest part, you can have a lot of fun coming up with a good murder mystery story!

Punchbowl.com gives a very good guide on how to prepare for a murder mystery party. Here’s what they say…

article-new-thumbnail_ehow_images_a04_9q_4e_play-game-clue-800x800You must consider: invitations, setting up, the game itself, and the solution to the game.

For super easy, online invitations visit Punchbowl‘s website. There, you can customize your murder mystery party invitations and send them online to your guests. So quick, so easy! Now setting up your murder mystery can get a little bit tricky. Very important: you must make sure that there are enough weapons, rooms, characters and whatever else you may be playing with, for the number of guests attending. For these types of parties, it is best to keep the guest list small since it does require a large amount of space per person

Your job as the host will be to hand out clues to guests as they arrive. As you and your guests earn more clues and eventually solve the mystery, you will need to have an envelope prepared that holdsĀ the answer to the murder.

The most important part – HAVE FUN! Murder Mystery parties are a BLAST. Mystery Cafe also does private shows, so if you want to add a little mystery to your next corporate event, we can help!


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