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Work is also about having fun together and best when that fun gets everyone out of their silos and socializing in a whole new way.

Whether you want a casual activity as the perfect pizza party, have a warm up before going out for dinner; or just looking for an excuse to get people together on a Friday afternoon – SmartGames will get your office competing, collaborating and enjoying themselves. After all everybody loves playing games!

Guarantee the fun with our games! If you’re looking for something a little different and intelligent for your office party that requires no experience, quick to learn and will get everyone out of themselves and talking and playing together, then we can guarantee you that extra ‘Fun Factor.’ Choose from our games and prepare to be energized by one of the SmartGames team will lead the group through the whole event.

We offer a wide variety of ice breakers, games night and conference/gala games to meet all of your event needs.  Call Melissa for details:  617-426-1999

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