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Recipe: It’s a Bloody Good CupCake!

Spooky Bloody Cupcake Recipe


These are some bloody good, spooky  cupcakes! As scary as they look, they are in fact delicious. Bake these mysterious cupcakes and your guests will be marveled at just how bloody good they truly are.

bloody good cupcake

Spooky Bloody Cupcake Recipe


What do you need for this #freakyfoodfriday treat?

  1. Red velvet cake mix
  2. Cupcake liners
  3. White frosting
  4. Red gel frosting
  5. Wilton’s Gel Icing Color
  6. Warm water
  7. A toothbrush


  • Bake red velvet cupcake mix according to the package
  • Add the white frosting once the cupcakes have cooled
  • Mix the red gel frosting with the red icing color in a separate bowl (You want it to be the right color and the right consistency. The consistency should be like that of ketchup – if it gets too thick, add some warm water to thin it out)
  • Dip the toothbrush into the “blood” mixture and spread it onto the cupcakes
  • For more detailed instructions and pictures click here!

Now, you have yourself some bloody good cupcakes to serve your guests! Tip: Don’t take offence if your guests are skeptical at first. Enjoy!

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