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10 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas, Categorized!

Does your mom enjoy the simple things in life?

A nice bouquet of red flowers sitting on a white table

1. Flowers

First thing’s first, the most tried and true Mother’s Day gift idea ever. They are beautiful, they smell nice, and they can be arranged in so many different ways. We recommend heading to a local florist that would be happy to help you set things up just how mom would want.

2. Chocolate

Chocolate – Everyone loves chocolate! Especially moms. You can get her her favorite chocolates, a chocolate box set or some nice fancy chocolate. There are plenty of options here as well.

Maybe she needs to pamper herself

A nice arrangement of soap, candle, towel, and flowers

3. Coffee, Tea, or Coffee / Tea Making Products

Coffee, tea, or coffee/tea making products. If your mom drinks coffee or tea every day, then getting her a nice coffee or tea blend can make a big difference in her morning, afternoon, or evening. Coffee shops usually sell different types and flavors of coffee beans and they will grind them up any way you like. This would pair very well with a French press!

4. Something Personalized

This can be a mug, blanket, pillow, T-Shirt, sign, or anything else really. Adding a personal touch to something that your mom uses often is a nice gesture and can perk up anyone’s day. Another great thing about this one is the range of emotions that can be achieved with this. You can make it funny and blow up someone’s face on a pillow or you can make it lovely and heartfelt with a beautiful family photo or a nice message. This little fill in book is great.

5. Nice bath or shower products

Not everyone appreciates a good body scrub, bath bomb, or bar soap, but your mom sure does! Check out these special Mother’s Day products from Lush.

6. Spa Time!

There are mani-pedis, full body massages, and everything in-between. Everyone needs a nice day of R&R once in a while and Mother’s Day is a great time to give one.

7. Something Soft

This can be a nice new bath robe or towel set, a warm and fuzzy blanket, or a silk pillow case. Moms could always do with more softness in their lives. We’ve heard that these pajamas are amazing.

You can even indulge her in a vacation or some of her favorite hobbies!

Potted plants making up a garden

8. Hobby Items

What does your mom like to do? Get her stuff for that! If your mom likes gardening, get her some gardening tools or a nice new plant. Does she like being artsy? Get her a set of paints or colored pencils. Adult coloring books can be both fun and relaxing. Amazon has a great selection.

9. Vacation

Vacation. Take your mom out on a night or weekend away. Getting out of the day-to-day and spending time with her is sure to make her happy.

10. Tickets

Movies, concerts, theater, performances – you name it! A fun night out is sure to be a good time for everyone. If you are looking for something fun to do in Boston, check out our calendar. Head First Events has a lot of fun things to do. You can check out our public calendar for all our public events or give our box office a call at 617-426-1999 for available dates and times as well!

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